Custom Formulating

Resin Designs is an industry leader in providing design engineering and technical support. Resin Designs develops customized formulations to meet your specific application requirements. Our technical group will work closely with you to identify criteria for resin systems that will meet your production needs and final product specifications. Our expertise extends to epoxies, urethanes, and multi-functional light curing systems.

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Resin Designs is comprised of Polymer Scientists and support personnel who are dedicated to finding innovative solutions for polymer applications. Our people provide the human chemistry to react quickly with creative support and service to meet your needs.

The Right Chemistry for the Right Solutions

At Resin Designs, we have an extensive line of UV Adhesives and resin systems to fit your needs perfectly. However, we understand that not every application is the same, and we work closely with each customer to meet specific requirements or help determine the best solution based on their application. We've been able to develop the most effective solutions available for a wide variety of applications, such as...
  • UV Adhesives and bonding compounds for the medical industry
  • Adhesives manufactured for biocompatibility
  • Aerospace bonding and adhesives
  • Automotive bonding and adhesives
  • Bonding for consumer packaging
  • Electronics assembly
  • Encapsulation compounds
  • Glass bonding
  • Microelectronic encapsulation
  • Potting compounds


In a rapidly changing technological environment, resin systems are increasingly used wherever creative solutions are required. As a high technology specialty chemical formulator, Resin Designs stands ready to solve your problems with practical technical know-how, manufacturing capability, and field service. We will provide quick, cost effective, unique solutions to your application.

Ask Our People For Assistance

Your application of our products is limited only by your own imagination. We have many products that might be suitable, and we provide detailed technical information on each. Our trained personnel are willing and able to help you determine the right product for your specific application. Our business is to supply products, advice, and expertise to all our customers. For more information contact us directly.